Pete interview with What's On News - Pt1

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>> Nice...I think that as Pete ages, he is becoming more 
>> in tune with his feminine side...
> I believe he's always been in tune with his feminine side.
> Let's start a list of all Pete's songs that deal with females.
> I'll begin with "Sally Simpson."
> - SCHRADE in Akron

Well, Sally Simpson,to me, was about groupiedom and the hazards of getting too close to your idols (and eerily prescient of the Cincinnati tragedy).



I should probably clarify what I was thinking.Pete has always maintained that he wrote for the lads - and the Mods were really a boys' club- wasn't it? Women were simply tolerated. 


Who shows that I've attended have always been testosterone fests.although lately I have been noticing there are more and more women in the audience - not in London in December though - but at the Hollywood Bowl in 2006 there were more women than usual. 


The hero in Quad was Jimmy and we learned of his very rotten, bad day through HIS eyes. I just think it's refreshing that Pete is now trying to tell the story through (the girl who dissed Jimmy- what is her name??? I forget.).


I am sure Pete has always been in touch with his feminine side. Creativity (yin) in itself is feminine. (And the auto-destructive thing is very yang/ masculine!). Empty Glass is VERY reflective of his feminine side, yes...and Pete has always spoken of how he reached a wider female audience after this was released. (But I was a fan since age SEVEN after hearing Tommy).   :)


Pete has written very few love songs - which, again, is refreshing.but frustrating I think for the ladies in his life! (Rachel used to complain that she is still WAITING for a love song.and that she has written plenty about Pete!).



Ernie and Jon- you are awesome, dudes. All of you are! xx

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