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From The Times
May 2, 2009
Debra Craine

4 stars out of 5
Ken Russell, 18 (1975)

You have to remember the glitter-mad era in which it was made to truly appreciate Russell’s outrageous 1975 biopic of the composer Franz Liszt. Over the top doesn’t begin to describe this flamboyant rock musical fantasy, which casts the Hungarian as the first true classical rock star. There is plenty of sex and groupies, and a delicious rivalry with the heavyweight German composer Richard Wagner, who wants to conquer the world and has an army of robot Nazis to help him. Only Liszt can save the day. The Who’s Roger Daltrey laps up his screen time as the golden-locked composer hero, with some fairly kooky help from Ringo Starr as the Pope and from Rick Wakeman, who also wrote the mind-blowing prog-rock score.

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