Deluxe Sell Out gets US release, sort of

Benn Kempster whoboy at
Tue Mar 31 09:55:45 UTC 2009

You know, I'm STUNNED that this hasn't been released 'properly' int he US.  My Deluxe copies of Tommy, Live At Leeds, Who's Next and My Generation are all either MCA or Geffen as they were released before Polydor managed to get their arses in gear.  Seems like either general demand for hard copy product has fallen off in the re-issue market in The States or MCA / Geffen simply can't be bothered any longer.
Either way, you're right, it's a sign of the times.  Funnily enough there was a brief discussion on the merits of vinyl on Radio 5 (UK station) this morning.  One of the pannelists commented that, after having Queen's Queen II on vinyl for years, he upgraded to a CD version recently - when he played tghe CD, he found that he missed the crackling and popping he'd become so used to over the years.  
Seems like we're going to have to get used to missing the physical product we've been so used to over the years......

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> Geffen Records will re-release The Who Sell Out by The Who as a Digital 
> Download on May 19.
> Sign of the times, I guess?

this is where I get to be "old-fashioned". you know how satisfying it is to 
hold a deluxe edition of any album in your hands? I have a couple of those 
(including the ones of "tommy" and "whos' next" of course). opening it, looking 
at the artwork, the booklet, and how it's all packaged, so cool, and they're 
taking it away from us. ugh! 

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