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Well, first he said Jenson whatshisname, then he also said that he was a prick for pulling out of that car deal!  He also boasted about having the power of the microphone so he can say what he liked.

Pete was in a considerably self-proclaimed sarcastic and profane mood compared to Brisbane 5 days earlier, probably because The Who had already "patched up their differences" with avoiding Melbourne and Sydney in 2004.

The "Platinum" standing section at the front kept calling for guitar destruction when the band re-appeared for the lengthy encore.  Pete explained that in the old days when that happened it was the end of the show instead of what they were about to play for everyone now.  Then he looked at some culprits and called them "you fucking idiots".

The crowd were laughing every time he let loose, so it was all taken in good nature.

Set list was in the same order as Brisbane, but omitted "Sister Disco" and "Eminence Front".  

Also, "My Generation" featured a couple of verses from Cry If You Want (in Brisbane Roger was somewhat inaudible as Pete played), and Pete didn't do his "We fucked it up ... you fix it ..." lines.

As for the Herald Sun review of the concert saying that Zak blasted the drums the drums like his father, he was way more Keith as usual.  His efforts on "Who Are You", "Won't Get Fooled Again" and "Sparks" was amazing. 

I had wondered if they would close with "Tea and Theatre" again at such an outdoor, car racing affiliated event but they did.  The crowd stood in silence and gave them a great send off ... lingering for ages due to the absence of "house lights" to be turned on to tell people to leave.


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  From The Daily Star:

  JENSON Button lived out an astonishing “fairy tale” as he cruised to victory in yesterday’s Australian Grand Prix...

  ...Even The Who were on hand to celebrate Button’s champagne moment with guitar legend Pete Townshend saying: “He was great, he won. He tried to buy a car from me once but didn’t.”
  -Brian in Atlanta
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