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>From UPI:

Singer Daltrey eyeing charity successor

LONDON, March 28 (UPI) -- Stereophonics singer Kelly Jones says he has been asked by British rocker Roger Daltrey to assume control of charity performances from him.

Jones said The Who band member asked him and Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher to assume the responsibility of organizing charity performances for the Teenage Cancer Trust, the BBC reported Friday.

Jones said he had not yet responded to Daltrey's request because of the time constraints such charitable efforts can require.

"It depends how much time it involves. I think it's an important thing for somebody to do," Jones said Thursday. Nothing was reported regarding Gallagher's response to the request.

"I've never really given it as much thought as answering it with a serious tone. We'll see. You see what happens in life."

Daltrey, 65, has openly spoke about wanting to find a successor for his charitable works, which he would like to expand worldwide, the BBC said.

"I would like to take the model of what we've done here and concentrate on getting it started in other countries now," Daltrey said.

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