in hindsight.. (an opinion piece)

jimthewhofan at jimthewhofan at
Sat Mar 28 21:56:05 UTC 2009


>>Many can say the same thing after Moon died- they hadn't toured much at all for 
years. When Moonie died, they put out a new album and toured more than they had 
in years!!! And people were saying the same thing. They should stop like Zep 
did...they should pack it in. I say, let them tour, let them put out an 
album....or not. Or whatever Pete brings to the table- let Daltrey decide if its 
in his best interest to sing it or not. After all, we are all going to buy it 
anyway. Cheers...<<

 Moon died just after the release of the Who's first album in nearly 3 years.

In fact, it's been said that in large Pete "went back" to the Who in 1977 with songs so that Moon could recoup money he'd squandered on his "lost weekend" living in California.

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