in hindsight.. (an opinion piece)

Sat Mar 28 04:27:44 UTC 2009

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> What's the point? I am simply stating that they hadn't toured in years. Had 
> they?? I am also stating that John and the boys  didn't seem to mind playing 
> on after Moon died. Did they? And I am sure that I'm right so...ha!!! Just 
> kidding by the way- I just feel its up to the now 2 to decide what's right for 
> them. Not us. Agreed???

eventually, they were going to tour following the release of "who are you", 
like any other band does. again, I think they were concerned with keith's 
health which is why they were hesitant to tour. heck, didn't it take some doing to 
get the who to perform those two shows in two years for TKAA film? and keith 
had to dub his drumming because it wasn't sounding good? 

and I'm not telling anyone (pete, rog etc.) what to do, what to decide, it 
was just an opinion. 

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