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Well said
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"Interesting post. But if there's anyone to blame for the fact that John wasn't alive for the latest Who album, frankly, it's John himself. John's death might have given Pete a sense of urgency about doing something new, though. Also, much of "Endless Wire" came about from Pete's "The Boy Who Heard Music" blog in which he interacted with fans to an extent that I can't see any other rock star of his stature doing (including Bruce). And he has spoken about how, more than anything, that inspired him to create new music.

I do hope that if there is more new Who music in the future, that they get Zak in the studio for the entire album. I actually love "Endless Wire," and think it's very adventurous (it's all just a matter of opinion, isn't it...), but many tracks would be so much stronger with Zak behind the kit.

- Chris Capp"

right on Chris! Well put. I love Endless Wire...especially when I saw the Who perform it live at the Hollywood Bowl...the backdrop/video/graphics what have you..."Fragments" was absolutely transcendent...a gorgeous manifestation of a unique interaction between die hard fans and a demigod! And when Roger sang: The parts of me/and this is true/the parts of me/the parts of you/belong to you/and you/and you/and you...and pointed to fans in the audience...well, I thought I died and went to heaven. Forget church...just go to a Who concert and to feel ONE with the ONE!


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