in hindsight.. (an opinion piece)

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What's the point? I am simply stating that they hadn't toured in years. Had they?? I am also stating that John and the boys  didn't seem to mind playing on after Moon died. Did they? And I am sure that I'm right so...ha!!! Just kidding by the way- I just feel its up to the now 2 to decide what's right for them. Not us. Agreed???
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> Many can say the same thing after Moon died- they hadn't toured much at all 
> for years. When Moonie died, they put out a new album and toured more than 
> they had in years!!! 

"who are you" was already recorded and released before keith's passing, was 
it not?  at the time, they were concerned over keith's health which was 
probably why they hadn't toured in a while, were they not?  Entwistle was still able 
to play before his passing, was he not?   Seriously, am I correct in all this? 
I'm actually not 100% sure. ha. 

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