in hindsight.. (an opinion piece)

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he didn't want to do another Who album, and then the idea in 2000 to tour and 

write new material, which was fine but never amounted to anything, and then 

Entwistle dies, and then all of a sudden, talk of a new Who album emerges 

full-force and an actual album is being recorded and later released. Not to 

mention, the band going out on their biggest world tour in years in support of 


Where was this rolling ball when John was still alive? <<


I said exactly the same thing. It's why I haven't "gone back" to the Who in the intervening years. Yes, I bought ENDLESS WIRE, but I dubbed off the songs off it I liked it and sold it to a used book store.

I understand that one can't turn on and off one's creativity as if it were a light switch, but I can't get over the (I think reasonable) bitterness at seeing Pete and Roger immerse themselves in Who Commitment following John's death. I can't get over thinking: They should have done this when John was alive. 

And ENDLESS WIRE is not a Who album. As you rightly noted, it's a Townshend solo album with Roger as a guest. If Zak Starkey was so important to really getting the Who sound back, why in the world is he only one song? And if it's so important to Roger that the Who have a drummer reminiscent of Moon, why in the world do they perform without a bassist reminiscent of JAE? Makes no sense. 

The Who is over. 
I'm left with only tears.
I must remember, even if it takes a million years.


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