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> I've never been a Bruce fan. He's just not weird enough for me.

I take it you've never seen the video for "57 channels (and nothin' on)"? ha! 

the last raconteurs album, I have to admit, I didn't think much of it. got 
annoyed with it half way through. some good things on it, but entirely not as 
good as I thought it would be, or could be. but again, that's just me talkin'. 

>> But he won't 
>> do it because if that were the case, he would be listening to us and doing 

>> as he's told. It would be too easy. He's a stubborn man. He's a proud man. 
>> think that rock embarrasses him.
>> What we get is what he gives us and that is how it will always be. What he 

>> has given me is an understanding of who I am. And the bravery to face it. 
>> has given me more than the other two combined in just one song or one 
>> interview.

if that's the case, maybe he should just do solo albums. maybe continue with 
rachel's "in the attic" stuff. he seems to have more fun doing that than 
performing with the who these days.  because when people hear "the who", they think 
"rock" or something like it. they don't think, "in the ether" or "God speaks 
of marty robbins" or even "tea and theatre". these tracks are more fitting on 
a townshend album instead of a "who" album I think.  

seems to me, it's roger pushing for more who shows and albums etc. while pete 
dosen't seem all that interested, but he's doing it mainly for roger's sake. 
which in and of itself, is like beating at a dead horse since rog dosen't seem 
to be hitting those notes as strongly as he used to, and he dosen't even seem 
to be moving around as much onstage. I think when rog kept getting sick on 
the tour a few years ago, it was an indication of what's to come. 

wouldn't it be interesting to find out, since John had a dark sense of humor, 
that it was his spirit that got pete investigated for child porn and rog sick 
on the tour? 

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