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Fri Mar 27 19:54:47 UTC 2009

>A Story Of Stripes, Springsteen And The "Bloody 'Oo"
Thank you for that.  It gave me a lot to think about.
It's funny how these brilliant men come across. 
To sum up my feelings, Jack White just has it.  He's done 9 straight  very 
different albums and I love every one of them, the latest being his  best.  I 
see no end in sight, nor do I sense a bottom of the well. He has  something to 
say and can do it in a way that is inventive and interesting and  certainly not 
corny. He tells us to love our moms, be thankful, to seek the  truth, be 
honest,  and remain childlike. And he pulls it off. He's able  to do it because he 
refuses to grow up and makes the most of his  time. There are no excuses in 
his vocabulary. Americans should pay  attention to this man's way of living.
I've never been a Bruce fan. He's just not weird enough for me.
Then there's Pete. I think he could do an incredible album with the  
incredible stage band in the studio and rock as hard as we want him to.   But he won't 
do it because if that were the case, he would be listening to us  and doing 
as he's told. It would be too easy.  He's a stubborn man. He's a  proud man.  I 
think that rock embarrasses him.
What we get is what he gives us and that is how it will always be. What he  
has given me is an understanding of who I am. And the bravery to face it. He 
has  given me more than the other two combined in just one song or one  
Jon in Mi

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