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> I do hope that if there is more new Who music in the future, that they get 
> Zak in the studio for the entire album. I actually love "Endless Wire," and 
> think it's very adventurous (it's all just a matter of opinion, isn't it...), 
> but many tracks would be so much stronger with Zak behind the kit.

you're probably right.   I understand the comment you made about that it's 
really John's fault that he wasn't there for the new who album (I still believe 
in my conspiracy concerning the facts over John's death, but that's another 
story altogether), but I guess I was quite peeved at the sort of "pussy-footing" 
around concerning new who material that began in 2000, and then after John 
died, it was like they right away got into recording new music together. Kind of 
like a "when the mice are away, the cats will play" kind of scenario (I love 
my cliche phrases. ha)

IF there is more new who music in the future, I for one want it to be 
like....a WHO album! y know? a good, solid, some rock, some sort of ballad-y songs. 
that kind of thing.  and yes, get zak on the album, the whole band. Let's make 
a good BAND album! I'd love that. 

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