in hindsight.. (an opinion piece)

Fri Mar 27 19:19:34 UTC 2009

In a message dated 3/27/2009 10:57:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Nakedi at writes:

> Ernie, are you planning on seeing Brice on this current tour.  I'd like to, 
> but haven't been able to find seats yet.  I'm also not happy that the floor 
> is general admission.  The tickets are a lot cheaper than Who tix, though. 
> I haven't heard either of his newer albums, so I can't comment on that.

I WISH I was seeing him on this tour. recession can be a bitch, plain 
english, cheap or not. 

bruce has been using GA seating since 2002, and so far has had no problem 
with it. basically, if the people working at the venue are organized (maybe 
opening TWO doors instead of one), there'd be no problems, which is unfortunately 
what happened with the who in 79. 

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