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Fri Mar 27 19:44:53 UTC 2009

I've been groovin' on my SELL OUT Deluxe for the past week.
I'm really enjoying it.  The album proper has a beefier sound than
the '95 re-issue.  And I was surprised that "Rael" excludes the 
second verse (" a goldfish being swallowed by a whale.") 
which was included on that '95 version.

Disc One Bonus Tracks:

"Rael Naive"
Just the coda of "Rael" which was also featured on the '95 reissue.  
Where Pete reaches to hit those high notes.

"Someone's Coming"
Great sounding version of one of my favorite Entwistle songs.
(Slight digital pop at 0:53?)

"Early Morning Cold Taxi"
Another great sounding version of one of my favorite Daltrey
songs. (!)  The acoustic guitar is especially crisp & clear.

I've loved "Jaguar" ever since first hearing it on vinyl boots way
back when.  This version sounds fine.  The little Jaguar car ad
in the booklet actually clued me in on the lyrics.  It's "Grace....
space....pace."  I always thought it was ""

"Coke After Coke"
Always loved this one, too.  Even though I prefer Pepsi!  Pete's
guitar is awesome.  So is Entwistle's bass.  Short but so powerful.

"Glittering Girl"
Great sounding version of this song.  It's not one of my favorite
tunes but I do like it.  It's got a country feel to it.  And I especially
like the bridge.  Moon's frantic drums stand out.

"Summertime Blues"
Where's this one been hiding?!  Fantastic sounding version of the
classic Who cover.  Fast & punchy.  Very live sounding.

"John Mason Cars"
A longer outtake of the Moon & Entwistle routine.  ("You think
we should do it a bit faster?")

"Girl's Eyes"
Fine sounding version of the Moon-penned song.  ("Don't throw
sticks at her.")  Not a classic Who tune by any stretch but en-
dearing nonetheless.  Again, Pete's acoustic sounds awesome.

"Sodding About"
Familiar to Who freaks from bootlegs this instrumental has Moon
& Entwistle written all over it.  It even includes bass solos, a' la
"My Generation."  The horns are nice if a bit repetitive.

"Premier Drums" (Full Version)
The one we're used to but it goes on longer & features clapping
& cheers at the end.  And a snare roll.

"Odorono" (Final Chorus)
Nothing new.

"Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand" (US Mirasound version)
The one we're used to with the loud keyboard.  

"Things Go Better With Coke"
This Pepsi fan loves this one, too!  Short & sweet.

"In the Hall of the Mountain King"
The version we're used to.  Another one with a heavy Moon
& Entwistle feel to it.  Similar to "Sodding About," IMO.  The
'95 re-issue had it as just "Hall of the Mountain King."

"Top Gear"
I've always loved this one, too, from the old vinyl boot days.  
This version sounds wonderful, finishing with Pete saying, "You 
better believe it, baby" followed by Moon's laughter.

"Rael 1 & 2" (Remake Version)
A much fuller-sounding version than the one that appeared on 
the actual album.  Entwistle's bass is much richer in the "Sparks"
section - less plinky sounding.  Recorded two months after the
original "Rael" & at a different studio.  This version is a real
treat & does include the second verse.

Disc Two has the mono version of the album.  While a lot of
it sounds very similar to the stereo version there are some sur-
prising differences which jump out.

Listen to the flangy guitar effects in "Our Love Was."  Listen
to the odd vocal effect on Pete's lines in "Relax."  

Disc Two Bonus Tracks:

"Mary Anne With the Shakey Hand" (US Single Mono Mix)
Like the Mirasound version with the keyboard toned down.

"Someone's Coming" (UK Single Mono Mix)
Despite the mono mix, not much different here.

"Relax" (Early Demo - Stereo)
Cool to have but I agree that it sounds out of place on this

"Jaguar" (Original Mono Mix)
Again, not much different here.

"Glittering Girl" (Unreleased Stereo Version)
Starts with some studio chatter.  This version is a little heavier
than the original.  Neat.  I like it!

"Tattoo" (Early Mono Mix)
There's that flange effect on the guitar again.  Slightly different
sounding.  Slightly.

"Our Love Was" (Take 12 - Unused Mono Mix)
The drums sound louder in this one.  And the guitar may be 
more prominent, especially the solo.  And listen to those chord
slides on the next-to-the-last verse!  Extended Entwistle ending.

"Rotosound Strings" (With Final Note - Stereo)
Final note.  Yes.

"I Can See For Miles" (Early Mono Mix)
The vocals don't seem to have as much echo as the original &
they seem to be a bit lower in the mix.

"Rael" (Early Mono Mix)
Includes the second verse.  Not much different.  Louder vocals?

And of course after "Rael" on Disc Two stay tuned for the back-
wards guitar, horns, & sound effects from "Armenia City In the 
Sky."  And after *that*....stay tuned for Moonie's "Great Shakes"
radio commercial.  These are both "hidden tracks."

Packaging is outstanding.


And speaking of SELL OUT....I got both copies of the new 
Mojo magazine today at my local Borders store.  They had 
both the Pete & Rog covers.  More Pete than Rog.   ;-)

- SCHRADE in Akron

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