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Thu Mar 26 21:27:04 UTC 2009

"In Tommy there was autobiography, but I only realised that years later  when 
I tried to understand its enormous and unexpected success.

It has  its roots in the difficulties of my rather typical post-war British 
childhood:  parents trying to find themselves after a frightening and traumatic 
time, and  their growing kids wondering how they would ever be able do 
anything to match  their parent’s courage. New audiences hear Tommy, and find a 
different story,  their own story: that is what matters to me.

I want the music to have  function. If Abba’s music is to help us sing our 
way through a grey day, the  Who’s music is probably better to stop you driving 
your car over a cliff. Both  are important functions, but I always want to 
feel I have helped you see  something about yourself, not something about me. 
Abba and the Who are closer  than they might first appear. Love Reign O'er Me and 
SOS are both songs  about the search for intangible love. Not a small 
Jon in Mi

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