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No, they did not play Shakin' All Over!

It's a segment which segued with Pete saying "My Generation ...we fucked it up ... now you fix it!"  A few more profanities of the "Fuck it!" variety and then just a few repeated lines of "Cry If You Want" but not much more than that despite The Australian [newspaper] and others who reported it to be the It's Hard album track.  The music did of course depart from M.G.

I took my father, who saw The Who @ Festival Hall in 1968, for his 64th birthday present - he thought the song must have been called "We Fucked It" due to the repeated mantra this time!  

The Cry If You Want segment included lines about being a big man, not crying, then go ahead and cry, it's okay, let your tears flow etc.  It's been a part of the M.G. piece for years now, but varies considerably.  For instance the Reno one from 2007 bears little lyrical similarity except for that titular refrain.  However other versions over recent years are much closer, whilst others include many of the original verses by Roger.

It was a thematic link into the following "Won't Get Fooled Again" and in keeping with Pete's reported views on the failures of the '60s generation in terms of the idealism and the reality which followed.

You may have noticed that many newspapers reported the songs "Eminence Front" and "Sister Disco" to have been low points, but only if you went there with the sole intention of hearing a certain type of Who.  I thought it showed their amazing versatility, with Zak impressing throughout.  No wonder Oasis were miffed that he bailed!

Pete's "Sister Disco" intro was very amusing, covering the attempted murder of disco, punks and beyond-prog like E.L.O. spaceships on stage.

Anyway, I fly to Melbourne on Sunday to catch the band at the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix finale - I bought a ticket a month before the Brisbane blacklisting-since-1968 ended.  I went with my wife to the Vodafone (now Hisense) Arena in 2004 on that ultra-concise tour, and they were superb.  No regrets ... a couple of days of record shopping either side of my second fill of The Who in 5 days.


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  Derek, re

  > > This guy needs to do his research. how many howlers can one report 
  > > contain?

  Be fair Derek, he spelt Pete's surname right all the way through.

  If I were Pino though - !

  Actually, while he got as few spelling mistakes and a couple of howlers in, I wonder if the band did actually play a teaser of shakin' all over?

  We'll have to hope that trusty few who went from these lists report back on that.


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