Pete Interview in The Telegraph

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at
Thu Mar 26 14:26:34 UTC 2009

"I first wore a suit on stage in 1989 for the band?s 25th anniversary tour.

Many of my friends thought I looked like a twat. I had a pony-tail, suggested by my beautiful and elegant wife, obviously in an attempt to keep the groupies away from me.

She was unsuccessful in her mission, and our marriage unravelled a few years later. I was quite handsome in 1989, though not as handsome as I am today."

Ya, I was one groupie (ok and I still am) who met Pete outside his hotel in Boston in 1989.  I was rendered speechless at the sight of him in one GORGEOUS suit!  He DID say "hi" to ME though. Aw...I touched his arm as he walked away and said something inane that he probably didn't hear thanks to his tinnitus! (let's HOPE!).

My feet didn't touch the ground for weeks...

I wasn't that keen on the ponytail, though it DID look a heck of alot better than his 1982 "Flock of Seagulls" do!

I know, deep thoughts by Sue...
I'm a girl.
whatever.  :D

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