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This guy needs to do his research. how many howlers can one report contain?

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> The Who do you think?
> Tony MooreMarch 25, 2009 - 7:36PM 
> No guitars were hurt in The Who’s performance at the
> Brisbane Entertainment Centre last night as they crunched
> through the opening concert of their first concert on
> Australian soil in 40 years.
> Legendary songwriter and influential guitarist Pete
> Townshend sized up the opening chords to I Can’t Explain,
> took aim and unleashed the first windmill scything slices of
> his red Fender safely, while Roger Daltrey sang of his teen
> frustration forty years ago.
> The Who, circa 2009, are underway in Australia. Loud and
> clear.
> With clips of early The Who, mod artwork and film snippets
> from the sixties projected behind them, the 2009 version
> started shakily, but one of rock’s richest song lists just
> kept name checking Townshend’s great songs.
> As the concert warmed, the initially-subdued crowd teased
> some good, and eventually some fabulous performances from
> the band, despite Daltrey and Townshend continually
> apologising for taking 40 years to get The Who back to
> Australia.
> I Can’t Explain was followed by the power riffing of The
> Seeker, the tender Behind Blue Eyes – an early crowd
> favourite - before Sister Disco.
> Here Townshend drew laughs from the mostly middle-aged
> crowd how the song was supposed to foretell the death of
> disco.
> Great black musicians kept the music alive, he said glumly,
> then smiled.
> Then a moody track from their last studio album, Endless
> Wire (2006), where film of a green ocean crashed on a rocky
> shoreline behind the band.
> The walloping crunch of Who Are You followed, with Townsend
> showing off the razor-edged rhythm guitar style that only he
> and The Stones’ Keith Richards’ have perfected and kept
> alive.
> Then a selection from Townshend’s first rock opera
> Quadrophenia - including glorious versions of 5.15 and
> Love Reign O’er Me, before Baba O’Riley, Won’t Get
> Fooled Again and You Better You Bet.
> In there were the mod classics, Substitute - the most
> covered song in Brisbane in 1980 - and Anyway, Anyhow
> Anywhere, before My Generation, which started, merged into
> Shakin’ All Over, then morphed into a Townshend guitar
> workout. Were they having us on?
> The encore started with The Kids Are Alright before jumping
> 10 years to gorgeous versions of Pinball Wizard and See Me,
> Feel Me from Townshend’s second rock opera, Tommy complete
> with the psychedelic lights from the time.
> The Who were always rock royalty, with Townshend well ahead
> of his time.
> Keith Moon and John Entwhistle were at the Brisbane
> Entertainment Centre. But only in the tour program and the
> film clips projected up behind the band.
> The Who that tours Australia in 2009 includes Ringo
> Starr’s son - Zac Starkey – in Keith Moon’s drum
> shoes,  Pink Palladino playing John Entwhistle’s  bass
> lines, while Townshend’s son, Simon, plays second guitar
> behind the main line.
> John “Rabbit “ Bundrick played keyboards beautifully as
> he has for more than two decades. 
> The 2009 show finished with a tender acoustic ballad,
> possibly Tea and Theatre from their 2006 Endless Wire album,
> seemingly dedicated to John Entwhistle with just Daltrey and
> Townshend on stage.
> The pair closes the show alone as two old friends, in front
> of a band that just won’t die, because it is getting old.
> The songlist needs a re-order, but Townshend and Daltrey
> are in great touch and the band locked in well after a
> nervous start.
> They play in Sydney and Melbourne over the next fortnight.
> Support acts are Berkley band Counting Crows, who got a
> good reaction to some re-worked versions of their hits, but
> did not play Mr Jones. Dallas Crane are also on the bill,
> but you will need to be very early to see them.
>  -Brian in Atlanta
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