Sold Out?

John pureneasy at
Sat Mar 21 13:12:38 UTC 2009

Benn, re

> > My local HMV still has copies @ ?12.99; I refuse to buy music from on-
> > line retailers though - nothing beats handing over cash at the till for 
> > a new release!

You know, the two branches of HMV in Birmingham have plenty of copies at
£12.99 - about $19.40 for our US friends, there's no shortage yet!

As for buying on line, I will do that from time to time, usually stuff I
can't get physically, so to speak.

I confess that I don't download stuff at all - I'm still child enough (like
Benn) to love going down to the store, handing over the money and getting
the disc. I don't know why they persist on putting it into a bag though, I'm
usually ripping the thing out of it as soon as the assistant gives it to me!

And in the days of vinyl - well, can you remember the pleasure of going into
a record store, buying a new album, and then on the bus or whatever going
home, opened it up, devoured the cover art, and then getting home, slipping
the record out, and while it was playing, read the lyrics, devoured the
sleeve notes, and maybe even added up the times of the tracks? Oh, I did
that - and actually still do with CD's!


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