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Martin Bailey mbailey at
Fri Mar 20 15:09:38 UTC 2009

This has always been one of my top-five Who CDs.  Not as good as Quad or Who's Next, but better than My Generation, A Quick One, Who Are You and perhaps even Tommy.

I've only had chance to listen to it once so far, and only whilst using earphones at work.  But here's some first thoughts:

Nice packaging.  Plastic cover too tight.  The colour of the photos (Roger in beans) seems faded; the same photos on the booklet are much brighter.  Nice booklet, by the way, 24 pages, with a huge up-to-date write-up by Andy Neil.  

A small poster is also included.  Weird psychedelic butterfly.  I recognize the picture - was it on the packaging from the earlier Sell Out reissue?

Disk 1:  Stereo.

The first 13 tracks sound great.  Although I didn't notice particularly notice anything I hadn't heard before - but I'm sure I will on further listens.

Radio London weather: that's new.

Glittering Girl - on both versions, I heard lines which I'd never noticed  before:  "Something inside her, told her she shouldn't"  "This goddess of hell" "Female Firework".   These lines may have been there on the earlier version, but I've never noticed them before.  Disk 2s version has some studio banter too.

Summertime Blues: much faster, especially the fast prominent bass line and drums.  This could be my favourite version of this song ever.

Sodding About: I like it.  Starts off great, had me bouncing in my chair.  (It's a pity I didn't have this when I made my instrumental compilation a few weeks ago.)

Premier drums goes on a lot longer, and ends in cheers.

Odorono Final Chorus  " her heart".  Heard that before.

MaryAnne Mirasound: unlike Benn, I actually didn't think this was any louder than the rest.  I was expecting to have to turn the volume down, but didn't have to.  Having said that, the next  proper song (Hall of the Mountain King) DID sound quieter...

Rael (Remake).  Wow!  The highlight of the whole CD.  Made me jump out of my chair, as it just sounds so surprisingly different.  Best version ever.


Disk 2: Mono

I must admit that I'm not a big fan of Mono versions.  I know I'm in the minority on this.  But they always just sound flatter, and less exciting to me; only rarely do I hear things that I hadn't heard before in the Stereo version.

This second disk hasn't changed my mind on this.

Nothing special on the first half of this disk.

Relax demo: fantastic.   Add this to the long list of great PT demos.  Very different from The Who's version.  Highlight of Disk 2.

Our Love Was: great guitar solo, and outtro.

Rotosound Strings with extra note - yes, it does have an extra bass note.  Whoop. E. Doo.

I was particularly looking forward to the Early Mono mixes of  ICSFM and Rael.  But these were disappointing.  I can't make out anything different about them, except they sound slightly flatter than normal.  Big let down.

Nice surprise at the end.  There's a few minutes of quiet after Rael, followed by the bizarre backwards guitar screeching from Armenia.  Then Great Shakes.  Although this was mentioned in the earlier setlists we saw posted here, it isn't mentioned on the CD case or booklet.

Great Shakes seems to have the last second or so missing; ends abruptly.

Overall: it would have been a great single disk release; I doubt I'll be playing the second disk as much as the first.  But  certainly recommended.


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