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I make a point of being at the shop door on the day of release in order to get hold of it as soon as I can (on top of any advance copy I may receive).  If that means a ficticious doctor appointment or temporary car disaster, then so be it - work can wait.

And yes, I do have it and it's wonderful.  I'd always thought Sell Out to be a bit weak and thin sounding, but this sounds like a great rock band with Pete's guitar being given excellent treatment and John not disappearing out of the mix at all.  The double-tracked vocals when they are present are nice and clear too.  Roger is still noticeably absent from the whole thing, but that's always been the case against the album as a whole in terms of it's content.  Instrumentally, this sounds just like the band developing and morphing out of the Pop band they were to the intense, high energy Rock band they became and were most noted for being.  The Remake version of Real is stunnig and is a clear improvement (IMO) musically on the released version; the harmonic vocals don't have the same bite or impact as the original and is possibly why the band went for their originally recorded version, but the Remake sounds as if it came straight out of the Tommy sessions (listen to this against the bonus tracks on the Tommy Deluxe release for evidence!).  Hall Of The Mountain King, Sodding About and Jaguar are all in their complete and unedited versions.  Glow Girl, included on the 1995 release is missing, but, to be honest, isn't missed as I only ever thoguht it was added to provide a link between Sell Out and Tommy in the original re-release program.  If the Deluxe series is to continue, then and O&S deluxe would be a great place to house this.
Negatives: The US Mirasound version of Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand has been mastered W A Y louder than anything else on the entire set which makes it stand out and, as one of my least favourite Who tracks, really irks me.  Also, the inclusion of a Pete demo (Relax) on Disc 2 sticks out too as it ought to only ever feature on a Pete solo (Scoop) release - this same issue hampered Tommy Deluxe too as far as I'm concerned.  The booklet's photos lack originality for me and the slip case is W A Y too tight for the box it houses which will, ultimately, lead to it becoming tattered.

However, it a real gem as far as I'm concerned, although I'm yet to really take in the Mono disc as the Stereo completely knocked me sideways.  It'll be sitting in the stereo for some time to come!

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Benn said:

> My local HMV still has copies @ ?12.99; 
> I refuse to buy music from on-line retailers though - nothing beats handing over cash at the till for a new release!

Really? I'm the opposite. I can't remember the last time I paid extortionate prices at HMV, or any other high street store.

I always buy from, and get it delivered to me at work. To paraphrase you: Nothing beats a dull day at work being brightened up by someone handing over a package to me, containing a new release!

NB: my copy of Sell Out is on it's way to me right now. Free delivery. Hopefully should arrive this afternoon, tomorrow morning at the latest.

If I'd bought it from HMV, then I wouldn't be able to pick it up until I'm in town, on Saturday.

Anyway: does that mean you've got your copy already? Any thoughts?


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