More Woodstock DVD updates

Bruce bkawak at
Thu Mar 19 05:20:17 UTC 2009

"Our intention was to include as many high quality unreleased performances as possible on the new "Woodstock: Untold Stories". There are exceptions of course, Mountain's "Southbound Train", The Who "My Generation" & "We're Not Gonna Take It", Johnny Winter's "Meantown Blues" are going to be presented in full length. We tried to use alternate angles from the previously released versions. Such as in The Who's "We're Not Gonna Take It", in the "Woodstock" Feature, they primarily focus on Roger Daltry, we opened it up so you can see the entire band perform. "Meantown Blues" is over 11 minutues long."

"Amazon is listing their bonus cuts as: Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Country Joe and the Fish. I believe the songs will be "Mama Tried", "Volunteers", and "Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine". Target hasn't announced their 3 songs yet, but I suspect it will be Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and Canned Heat."

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