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Read Shedden's full interview with Townshend in Review in The Weekend Australian. Here is an extract:
“Maybe that's just my peculiar variety of nerves,” he says. “I am very calm before a show. I don't psych myself up. Quite the contrary.” 
He acknowledges that the extraordinary absence of the group from these shores for most of its career, after they were thrown out of the country for what was a minor misdemeanour on an aeroplane in 1968, was a mistake on their part. Two visits in the past five years, however, are not just about making amends for all the years we - and they - missed out on. 

“Of course I have regrets,” Townshend says. “But it's a big world, and I didn't feel we had enough time to consistently tour all the places we should have visited.
"Japan was another country we just skipped. I had a family and I wanted to be a proper father, and I think I managed that. In the end, America and Britain tried to swallow us up.” 

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