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Kevin.ONeal at writes:

> What I don't see (unless I missed it) is any indication that Pete is 
> purposely boycotting, or fighting 40-year-old neurotic hang-ups.
> Has he ever had any because of Keith?  I've heard nothing but, and viewed 
> nothing but love from Pete for Keith.

I for one am not saying that pete dosen't have any love for keith. it's just 
how he has dealt with his feelings towards keith's death. my feeling is if 
roger could show up at this thing, even go as far as to pursue a film project 
based on his life, it seems that roger has gotten over whatever guilt or fear he 
may have had at the time and has chosen to help celebrate keith's life in any 
way he can, and I think pete should at least ATTEMPT to do the same. 

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