Jolly Roger tells tales of rock'n'roll high life

Sat Mar 7 04:58:55 UTC 2009

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> Well, Roger Daltrey is the singer in a seminal &extremely in-
> fluential rock &roll band &has done tons of stuff for charity
> throughout the years.  Will Ferrell is a mediocre actor who has 
> starred in a lot of bad movies.

I remember seeing him on "saturday night Live" and thinking he had something 
very special, and then he ended up in movies and I've been a fan ever since. I 
think he's very funny. ok, that basketball one he did recently wasn't so 
good, but the others I've seen I thought were good. I could go as far as to say 
whatever Jerry Lewis and Jim carrey were in their times, will ferrell is that 
now.  would I put him on the same pedestel as someone like rushdie or chomsky? 
these people with "deep thoughts" and "philosophical ideas"? no, but I wouldn't 
put roger up there with them either. I don't even think roger daltrey would 
put roger daltrey up there. ha. 

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