Daltrey: give money to sick children, not animals

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Daltrey in cancer charity plea
Updated 10.00 Fri Mar 06 2009

Singer Roger Daltrey has said people should stop donating money to animal charities and give it to teenage cancer patients instead.

He said: "It is a blot on our society when, if these teenagers had four legs and fur or feathers we would raise the money in one year.

"It's tragic and it makes me want to fight even harder.

"That's one of the problems with the welfare state. As soon as you pretend that there's going to be someone feather-bedding you and looking after you, people tend to diminish their responsibility themselves, so they become uninterested.

"That's what we've got to change in society."

The Who singer was speaking in support of units such as the Teenage Cancer Trust.

He said the charity had received "no help whatsoever" from the Government and added that, for teenage cancer patients, "this charity is all they've got and we're fighting for every unit we get".

"Teenagers are the hardest age group to talk to and they tend to withdraw within themselves," he said.

"Cancer is the number one killer of teenagers and they get the most aggressive and the rarest forms, and because they're growing so fast and they're doing sports and things, late diagnosis is quite common.

"When they're together they help each other and the support they give each other is invaluable."

Daltrey will joing Kasabian and thd Stereophonics at the Royal Albert Hall at the end of the month to raise money for the charity.

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