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schrade at writes:

> Pete better be on his goddamned boat in the middle of
> the Mediterranean &not just sitting at home looking at
> newspapers.
> It's a celebration &an honor for Keith Moon, for Christ's
> sake!  A fellow musician Pete played with for 15 years!
> A musician who helped shape The Who!  Someone whose
> talents helped Pete get to where he is in life:  a well-off, 
> successful musician. 
> If Pete's not attending because of his 40-year-old neurotic 
> hang-ups, then that's bollocks, IMO.  I'm guessing he'll
> be on that boat somewhere.

that's EXACTLY what I meant. thanks schrade. I'm glad SOMEone understood me 
on here., ha.  I know I may not be 100% understood through postings on the 
internet. however, if you actually spoke to me face to face, or on a telephone for 
that matter, might be a different story. 

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