Jolly Roger tells tales of rock'n'roll high life

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>From The Irish Independent:

Jolly Roger tells tales of rock'n'roll high life
By Shane Hickey
Thursday March 05 2009
THROWING a television out a hotel window has become a rock'n'roll cliche but one of music's original hell-raisers has come up with an excuse.
With his tongue firmly in his cheek, The Who's frontman Roger Daltrey told an attentive audience in Dublin last night that it was a combination of faulty heating and closed windows which forced televisions from high rise hotels. 
Claiming that the rock band never really did that much damage to hotel rooms while touring, he said that any that was done was "all quite artistic".
"Some bright spark of an architect had designed windows that couldn't be opened and there was a heating system which couldn't be turned down," he said in UCD last night. 
"So some of them [televisions] were broken for good reason. There was also some crap on TV at that time."
The lead singer joined the ranks of philosopher Noam Chomsky, writer Salman Rushdie and actor Will Ferrell in being given the James Joyce award from UCD's Literary and Historical (L&H) Society.
Answering questions from the 300 students who gathered to see him get the award, he said The Who's deceased drummer Keith Moon usually threw televisions into hotel pools while still plugged in.
"He liked to see what happened to the picture," joked Daltrey.
Having recently celebrated his birthday, the lead singer looked much younger than his 65 years and said it "indemnifies everything" that new generations listen to his music, just like their parents.
He also sprung to the defence of fellow musician Bono in light of the criticism that he has received over his charity work.
"It takes balls, it is easy to sit in an armchair and snipe at people like Bono," said Mr Daltrey. 

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