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Thu Mar 5 09:42:36 UTC 2009

William, re:

>I can not believe Pete Townshend would blow this that is sad.
Pete still feels a mixture of emotions around what happened to Keith and the band's part in it.  It's entirely understandable that he feels uncomfortable about the whole thing, but, you would hope he'll have an eleventh hour change of heart and attend.  The subject of Keith will, undoubtedly, rekindle many uncomfortable memorties for Pete in terms of the fact that his death was the catalyst for Cincinnatti, Kenney, Pete's personal descent and, ultimately, the demise of The Who.

None of us likes to be reminded of uncomfortable times in our past and perhaps it's simply that Pete's not as "over" all that happened as we'd like to think he is.
I'd love for him to be there in terms of him facing his fear, but, if he's not, I'm sure he'll be celebrating Keith in his own thoughts.
"This is a fucking rock and roll concert not a fucking tea party - RIGHT!" - PT - 10.12.1971

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