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I can not believe Pete Townshend would blow this that is sad.
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> This Sunday the 8th March 2009 at the site of the Marquee Club, 90 Wardour 
> Street, London W1 at 12 noon a blue plaque will be unveiled for Keith Moon. 
> Wardour Street will be closed off from 10 am to 2 pm to traffic from 
> Shaftesbury Avenue up to Oxford Street. Please arrive early as guest will be arriving 
> around 11.00 It's going to be star studded(hopefully). We are expecting Roger 
> Daltrey CBE, Kenney Jones, Robin Gibb CBE, Legs Larry Smith, Zak Starkey, 
> Dougal Butler, The Moon Family featuring Kit Moon aged 88, Keith's sisters, 
> Leslie and Linda and their families, Doug Sandom, Irish Jack, John Schollar and 
> Tony Bind of the Beachcombers, Chesney Hawkes and DJ Mike Reed will be MC for 
> the whole event.. Pete Townshend will not be attending as he has other 
> commitments. Other celebrities from TV and film industries will be there in 
> attendance.
> We are truly happy that Keith will finally have a plaque in his honour. It 
> has taken us over 11 years of hard work to achieve this goal. We do apologise 
> if we missed you off the list of invitees. Just to clarify something. We are 
> the proposers of the plaque and tried to arrange the music talent for this 
> event. We are not the organisers of the luncheon that takes place after the 
> unveiling. We will be attending as guests. We had suggested to the Heritage 
> Foundation whom we would like to have on their guest list. But, it was truly up 
> to them whom they invited. We are looking forward to seeing everyone that is 
> coming along this Sunday.
> As the great man himself might have said: “Well dear boy this calls for a 
> drink, make mine a large Remy, bottle that is, not a glass!” quote taken from 
> Chris Charlesworth to us.
> Best Wishes to all,
> Melissa & Gary Hurley
> P.S. If travelling by tube, please check the Transport for London 
> (tfl, Many tube lines are not running this weekend.
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