Who Karma....

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Wed Mar 4 19:22:20 UTC 2009

>Who Karma....
>>Peace, my fellow Who Nuts !!!!
>Kevin, you live such an exciting life!

Ha!  I'm not so sure about that.
If you call 11+ hour days and getting "pooped on the potty" updates via v-mail at work exciting, ok.
I'd describe it more as a very "normal" existence, in a place that offers lots of opportunity to have fun.
VT is not mainstream, by any means.

>Thanks for that.

Glad you, and other's enjoy those kinds of posts.
I know *I* love reading people's experiences.
Plus, I like the family force of The Who.
It can be disappointing at times, but under all the dust.....there is The Who.

Kevin in VT

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