Wed Mar 4 11:46:37 UTC 2009

This Sunday the 8th March 2009 at the site of the Marquee Club, 90  Wardour 
Street, London W1 at 12 noon a blue plaque will be unveiled for  Keith Moon. 
Wardour Street will be closed off from 10 am to 2 pm to traffic  from 
Shaftesbury Avenue up to Oxford Street. Please arrive early as guest will  be arriving 
around 11.00 It's going to be star studded(hopefully). We are  expecting Roger 
Daltrey CBE, Kenney Jones, Robin Gibb CBE, Legs Larry Smith, Zak  Starkey, 
Dougal Butler, The Moon Family featuring Kit Moon aged 88, Keith's  sisters, 
Leslie  and Linda and their families, Doug  Sandom, Irish Jack, John Schollar and 
Tony Bind of the Beachcombers, Chesney  Hawkes and DJ Mike Reed will be MC for 
the whole event.. Pete Townshend will not  be attending as he has other 
commitments. Other celebrities from TV and film  industries will be there in 
We are truly happy that Keith will finally have a plaque in his  honour. It 
has taken us over 11 years of hard work to achieve this goal. We do  apologise 
if we missed you off the list of invitees. Just to clarify something.  We are 
the proposers of the plaque and tried to arrange the music talent for  this 
event. We are not the organisers of the luncheon that takes place  after the 
unveiling. We will be attending as guests. We had suggested  to the Heritage 
Foundation whom we would like to have on their guest list.  But, it was truly up 
to them whom they invited. We are looking forward to  seeing everyone that is 
coming along this Sunday.
As the great man  himself might have said: “Well dear boy this calls for a 
drink, make mine a  large Remy, bottle that is, not a glass!” quote taken from 
Chris Charlesworth to  us.
Best Wishes to all,
Melissa & Gary Hurley
P.S. If travelling by tube, please check the Transport for London  
(tfl, Many tube lines are not running this weekend.

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