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Mon Jun 29 11:18:04 UTC 2009

Never heard this story about The Clash's drummer and Pete. From Sunday's The Independent:

Months after being in one of the world's biggest rock'n'roll bands, Headon was living in a freezing, windowless squat in Fulham, while The Clash were performing stadium shows in the US in support of the single "Rock the Casbah", a song largely written by Headon and on which he played drums, bass and piano. He made various attempts to continue his musical career. His friendship with Pete Townshend nearly landed him the job of drumming for The Who. At the time, The Clash were supporting the British supergroup at Shea Stadium and Headon admits he would have relished playing for the headlining band, lording it over The Clash. But if drumming for The Who was ever really a possibility, Headon scuppered it in characteristic style. In full stage gear he climbed a 25ft drainpipe, ran across a roof and jumped off the other side, waking up in hospital with a broken leg and a policeman, who charged him with attempted burglary. 

"In a bright red suit?" he inquired. 

He formed a band with bass player Pete Farndon, recently sacked from the Pretenders for heroin addiction. "We got Rob Stoner – a heroin addict – from Bob Dylan's band and we got Pete Townshend – a heroin addict with one foot in recovery – to produce us. Then we went to Farndon's funeral – it's not funny, but within two months of forming the band the bass player's died. I mean, that was selfish – and Pete [Townshend] comes up to me and says: 'You're next.'" 
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