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What do Roger Daltrey and Josh Groban have in common?
Josh Groban, who is only 28, was inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame on Friday night.

And he was congratulated by a previously inducted Hall of Famer, the Who lead singer Roger Daltrey, 65.
“My goal is to be inducted again here at 65," a grateful Groban said. "The thing that inspires me about meeting people as legendary as Roger is that you can see in the eyes when they’re about to perform that the spark doesn’t leave.”

We asked Daltrey about the long-lasting appeal of his music.

“The Who’s success still never ceases to amaze me," he said.  "We don’t have the pretty boy looks anymore. And we don’t jump around the stage as much. But in the end, it’s the music that matters.”

The Bowl event raised about $1 million for the Los Angeles Philharmonic's Music Matters program, which supports music education in L.A. public schools, of which Groban is a product of.

And Groban's music plans?

“This all ends after tonight," Josh joked. "I’m done. I’ve already brought a velour jumpsuit and I have a little home in an area in Laguna Beach called Leisure World which I will be moving into next weekend. And I’m taking up boccie ball.”

Daltrey is going back on the road with the Who.

“At this age, I can’t afford to lie down," he said, smiling. "Gotta keep the voice in shape, gotta keep going.”

Sounds like the lyrics of a new Who song to us.

Reporting: Leah Sydney

 -Brian in Atlanta
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