Sorry for the wrong link for the Rog/Soo Who vid!

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at
Fri Jun 19 14:00:02 UTC 2009

Martin said:I've recently been doing some work for the Chinese too.  I've been preparing my software for showing to Chinese users.

Whilst investigating how their language works, I was playing around on Amazon's Chinese website.

I was quite distraught to learn that you can't buy any Who or Pete Townshend CDs there.  For example:

I don't know what that Chinese writing says, but I'm pretty sure it means something like:

	Your search for "Roger Daltrey" returned 0 results.

I know that the Red Chins in their millions will overspill their borders, but they should at least be able to buy some decent music!


That's insane. I have been thinking about this...and actually rock music WOULD be a threat to national security! Maybe not the Who, but bands like Green Day or people like Springsteen, Neil Young, Dylan certainly would be.I am pretty fed up with China at the mo. My husband doesn't enjoy doing business with them...but what can you do?  They're an economic force we have no choice but to reckon with.
Now I understand why the Taiwanese lag behind the Japanese in the "cool factor!" Even though Taiwan isn't technically part of China...hardly anyone knows The Who here...but throngs of the Japanese LOVE we all know.I have no desire to even visit China, although I am dying to see Tibet.  :(

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