Woodstock conspiracy con't

Bruce bkawak at charter.net
Fri Jun 19 03:31:22 UTC 2009

Someone asked how much footage there was of The Who at woodstock and one of the guy's who worked on the recent Woodstock DVD set replied:

"That is pretty much all of the Who footage. The Who told the filmmakers that they didn't want to be filmed, so the filmmakers waited about 30 minutes before they started to shoot. I think its some of the best footage of them, maybe not the best performance. In addition to the 3 songs on the new DVD, there is "Pinball Wizard" which is in TKAA and "Summertime Blues" which is in "Woodstock". Also some double exposure of "Can't Explain", which we used part of to open "Sparks". I heard a cameraman say that he filmed the Abbie Hoffman incident, but I never found the footage. The film was sent to London for TKAA in 1977, unfortunately we didn't get all of the footage back. I spoke to TKAA Director Jeff and he said he didn't have any more footage. I even flew to London and tried to find the missing material. There was a rumour that the FBI took the Abbie footage, but I spoke to the WB Lawyers and they have no paper trail of that, but it might have been removed in New York, before the editors moved to LA to finish the film. I really did look for it. At least we got a complete "We're Not Gonna Take It"."

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