Sorry for the wrong link for the Rog/Soo Who vid!

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A little update:
My husband has a meeting in China today with the top (Communist, natch) government official in the province where my husband has been working all week. (He's an engineer and he's been working in a copper factory).
I told hubby to please inform this man that darling Roger is not a threat to national security in China, and to please release my video message from him to the masses!!!!!!!!


(hubby is a bit nervous and has no idea why this gov't. official wants to talk to him!! I am a bit worried too...).

I would NOT surivive living in China. They invented yet a new form of torture: Chinese Internet deprivation torture!!

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Thanks for putting up the correct one, Paul.

I am still in shock and drank way too much whisky last night to calm myself down!
Bad soo.
And my hubby was in China, so I was celebrating ALONE. So sad about soo! boo hoo hoo.
OH! I sent him the YT link- it's BLOCKED in China. Damn Commies. CENSOR THIS!!  idiots. :(

Yeah- Rog's hair looks great Patricia! LOL.



Isn't he a LOVE??? Just an awesome guy.

I am loving having this's the beginning of a great ride, I can feel it.
I am MOST excited about having a venue for live music.
Ok it's teeny tiny, but it's SOMETHING.
I think Rog and Pete will appreciate that I am giving teens a VERY COOL, clean,alcohol -free place to play! 
We've decided to have all ages "shows" on the weekends - in the afternoon.No alcohol will be served, but I will give the kids who perform free food and soft drinks.
Can't WAIT for the fall.
It's going to be a blast.


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