Woodstock 40th Anniversary Bonus DVD(s)

Bruce bkawak at charter.net
Thu Jun 11 05:40:06 UTC 2009

There are two bonus discs:

Grateful Dead "Mama Tried"
Jefferson Airplane "Volunteers"
Country Joe & The Fish "Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine"

Canned Heat "Woodstock Boogie"
The Who "Sparks" (uncut just over a minute longer than TKAA version, 
different angles too)
Jimi Hendrix "Spanish Castle Magic"

Target also has different packaging (DVD only) in a cardboard canister with 
a tamborine lid.

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> Anybody got the scoop on the Woodstock 40th anniversary
> bonus DVDs?  Is there just *one* being offered through Amazon?
> Or does another retailer have a different one?  Of course I want
> the Who's stuff but I'd also like the Country Joe & the Fish &
> Canned Heat stuff, too.  Plus Melanie doing "Momma Momma"
> which is a killer song.  Thanks!
> - SCHRADE in Akron

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