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Not many people know that you were involved in the Who's Next sessions? How did that happen?

I got a call from the Who's manager, asking if I wanted to play on the album. I was like, "Well, they have a guitar player." But he said Pete didn't want to play lead guitar, that he wanted me to play. It was really funny, those sessions. I remember some of the shenanigans. [Producer] Kit Lambert ran around holding up signs, whenever we would be getting good take. He did that during "Won't Get Fooled Again," running around holding a sign up in everyone's face that said, "Good Job. Keep it Up." Townshend stopped playing, and said, "What the fuck are you doing?" Pete got mad.

Later, of course, they re-did the album with Glyn Johns producing. But Pete did release the original sessions, many years later. I gave him a Les Paul Junior, at those sessions.

Did Townshend ever tell you why he wanted you on the album?

No, we never discussed it. We just did it. I remember, though, that I was using a very small Sun cabinet, with one 12-inch speaker, and a 50-watt Marshall. And Townshend was using his Hi-Watt amps, and he said to me that he wanted to be the loudest. Afterwards he came over to me — I guess he was a little embarrassed -- and said, "Can you hear yourself okay?" I told him I could hear myself even if I was in Chicago.

 -Brian in Atlanta
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