Good News Soo WHO's a hit!

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Sat Jun 6 16:36:49 UTC 2009

Hey Sue. Glad it went well. Sound s fantastic. I got your message. My phone was off as i was playing a gig with Spiny, last night. Keep up the good work.

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> Date: Saturday, 6 June, 2009, 12:52 PM
> Oh we had a FANTASTIC night!!
> I was having multiple whogasms all night!
> :)
> Went to bed at 4...people just didn't want to leave...I
> finally cleaned up as much as I could then left at 3:15...It
> was a GREAT crowd - very ecclectic/international ages 20ish
> - mid 50s!
> I barely drank - was too busy for that! 
> I showed ONLY Who dvds all night - on 3 flat screens - one
> is 42"! 
> It was heavenly...being surrounded by the Who! People were
> glued to the tvs- smiles all around the whole night (even
> those not watching the who). And my education in Whoness has
> started - one Taiwanese guest said she knew "B O R" but
> that's all she's ever heard of them.
> I showed: The 2002 Boston show, Isle of Wight, Kilborn and
> TKAA. 
> My first customer shook my hard so hard and shouted: "I
> cool guy -he promoted bands in London, but gave up because
> the bands kept fighting! Typical. ;)
> The bar looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> I am really toast today, I will post a blog with pics
> tomorrow. I tried to upload a video I took of the bar and
> (customers) to YT but my connection bites. wah! I will get
> one up soon, even if I have to ask a friend in London to
> help! Isn't that WEIRD?????? Craziness.
> THANK YOU for your kind wishes again and for the AWESOME
> drink recipe/names!!
> Bloody Mary (Ann) with the Shaky Hands- LOVE IT! I could go
> for one now,actually.
> Alan- PETE was the Remy connoisseur! Not sure if you've
> heard him talk about his love affair with Remy, but he used
> to kiss the bottles and go to sleep with one wrapped in his
> arms! I am with Pete there...too. But it's SO bleeding
> expensive (which he mentions on Empty Glass).
> I will make a drink menu this week and share what I come up
> with.
> XIE XIE!!!!!!!!!
> xoxoxox
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