Good News Soo WHO's a hit!

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at
Sat Jun 6 11:52:57 UTC 2009

Oh we had a FANTASTIC night!!

I was having multiple whogasms all night!

Went to bed at 4...people just didn't want to leave...I finally cleaned up as much as I could then left at 3:15...It was a GREAT crowd - very ecclectic/international ages 20ish - mid 50s!

I barely drank - was too busy for that! 

I showed ONLY Who dvds all night - on 3 flat screens - one is 42"! 
It was heavenly...being surrounded by the Who! People were glued to the tvs- smiles all around the whole night (even those not watching the who). And my education in Whoness has started - one Taiwanese guest said she knew "B O R" but that's all she's ever heard of them.
I showed: The 2002 Boston show, Isle of Wight, Kilborn and TKAA. 

My first customer shook my hard so hard and shouted: "I LOVE THE WHO!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" He was such a cool guy -he promoted bands in London, but gave up because the bands kept fighting! Typical. ;)

The bar looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am really toast today, I will post a blog with pics tomorrow. I tried to upload a video I took of the bar and (customers) to YT but my connection bites. wah! I will get one up soon, even if I have to ask a friend in London to help! Isn't that WEIRD?????? Craziness.

THANK YOU for your kind wishes again and for the AWESOME drink recipe/names!!
Bloody Mary (Ann) with the Shaky Hands- LOVE IT! I could go for one now,actually.

Alan- PETE was the Remy connoisseur! Not sure if you've heard him talk about his love affair with Remy, but he used to kiss the bottles and go to sleep with one wrapped in his arms! I am with Pete there...too. But it's SO bleeding expensive (which he mentions on Empty Glass).

I will make a drink menu this week and share what I come up with.


XIE XIE!!!!!!!!!


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