Soo Who to open tomorrow!

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Fri Jun 5 14:41:38 UTC 2009

Alan wrote:

 > The Pete Townshend: A Rolling Rock beer (which he famously drank on 
camera just before the '93 BAM show, when he was also "not drinking") 
The Roger Daltrey: hot tea with milk, and a throat lozenge on the side 
(the non-alcoholic offering)

Rolling Rock used to be my beer (Guinness is now).   Anheuser Bush 
bought them several years ago,
and I was forced to switch.   No longer was it the little green pony 
beer from the babbling brooks of Old Latrobe, PA,
 but just another "over-watered" mare from the AB stables.   To H3ll 
with quality!  Give me quantity!

It reminds me of the Monty Python joke about how American beer was like 
making love in a canoe, that
is, "4uc#ing close to water!"

Joe in Philly

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