Soo Who to open tomorrow!

Fri Jun 5 04:49:21 UTC 2009

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amck at writes:

> The Keith Moon:  a large brandy
> The Audition: a large brandy with ginger (in-joke for those who know  
> the probably-apocryphal legend about Keith's audition)
> The John Entwistle:  Remy VSOP, neat
> The Entwistle Eyeopener:  coffee with Remy VSOP (another of his  
> favorites)
> The Pete Townshend:  A Rolling Rock beer (which he famously drank on  
> camera just before the '93 BAM show, when he was also "not drinking")
> The Roger Daltrey: hot tea with milk, and a throat lozenge on the  
> side (the non-alcoholic offering)

ha!  sounds right to me.   if you have karaoke by any chance, you can give 
the participants the "daltrey" drink before they hit the stage. maybe free 
of charge? :)

what's VSOP by the way?

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