Soo Who to open tomorrow!

Thu Jun 4 23:08:47 UTC 2009

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suesjoy at writes:

> I have a knot in my stomach as there is SO much to do....the wall paper 
> is SUPPOSED to be done by 2...the prints will be ready at 4....
> We open at 6!!!!!!! CRAZY.
> Oh well, I have about 20 guys helping me...thank goodness.
> It's going to look AMAZING............just wait until you see it. I am 
> really blown away, actually. I threw a hissy fit over a clash of decorating 
> ideas, but I have come around after calming down. I mean the bar is named 
> after ME and our beloved boyz!! 
> It will be cozy and a bit loungy (I wanted a more grungy feel...I guess I 
> have spent too much time in dives! uh oh).

y know, all of this could be a great idea for a reality show series. ha!   
could definitely get people to come, that's for sure! : )

here's an idea. a lethal version of the bloody mary drink, so strong, it 
could make one's drinking hand shake, hence the name: "mary anne with the 
shaky hand".  lol. 

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