Soo Who to open tomorrow!

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at
Thu Jun 4 22:03:52 UTC 2009

Oh thanks for your good wishes everyone!

Aw...Moon and Whistle! Good one.
That will be the name of my NEXT bar!
Or maybe Dereck can open that one in Wales...   he needs his OWN venue to play his new Schecter in...   :)

Thank you also for the mixology link Ernie!

I have a knot in my stomach as there is SO much to do....the wall paper is SUPPOSED to be done by 2...the prints will be ready at 4....
We open at 6!!!!!!! CRAZY.

Oh well, I have about 20 guys helping me...thank goodness.

It's going to look AMAZING............just wait until you see it. I am really blown away, actually. I threw a hissy fit over a clash of decorating ideas, but I have come around after calming down. I mean the bar is named after ME and our beloved boyz!! 
It will be cozy and a bit loungy (I wanted a more grungy feel...I guess I have spent too much time in dives! uh oh).



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