Soo Who to open tomorrow!

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Thu Jun 4 08:44:30 UTC 2009

Good luck Sue. I'm sure yo uwill be a success. I know you. As long as you dress up for the Tina Turner/Acid Queen tribute i'm there- some day.

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> Just wanted to post one more update.
> I will post pics and video on my blog this weekend.
> The Who prints arrived yesterday and will be framed and
> ready to hang tomorrow afternoon. THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL! All
> black and've all seen them but never in one bar
> before! (I don't think).
> I have so many ideas spinning in my head...I want to
> concoct drinks in honor of each Who member, or make one with
> 4 types of booze and call it something along the lines of
> Quadrophenia...but now that Pete doesn't drink I want to
> offer a non-alcholic drink too!
> ANY SUGGESTIONS????????? I am not a mixologist!!! 
> I want to have "Smash the Mirror" Open Mic nights and Tea
> and Theatre Acoustic Jams....oh the possibilities are
> endless.
> I BELIEVE this is the only Who Theme Bar in the
> I wrong? Does anyone know?
> I would post my logo, but after giving it much thought, I
> don't want to look like I am ripping off the Who's target
> I am still working on that!
> I know Rob Lee on, so I will ask him to talk to
> the Who's management about legal issues. I am of course just
> offering a homage/who shrine to the ex-pat community here in
> Taipei and also introducing the Who to virgin ears... 
> :)
> We just hope to break even.
> I think I mentioned that the Chinese translation is "Shu
> Fu" which means "comfortable," so my slogan will be: Come to
> Soo WHO, "be one of the comfortable people."  I will be
> sure to keep the quotation marks in place.
> Come visit us in Taipei!!!!!!!!!!
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