Quadrophenia regatta

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it depends where the regatta is. Henley, for example is very hoity-toity. Or used to be anyway. it is purely down to geographical location.

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> OK, this struck me as strange. From The Kinks' song "A
> Well-Respected Man" I always thought regattas were a bit too
> hoity-toity for this:
> http://www.newsshopper.co.uk/sport/4414800.Season_gets_under_way_at_Gravesend/
> This weekend sees the 163rd Gravesend town regatta at
> Gravesend Promenade, which has a Quadrophenia theme.
> A large collection of classic scooters will be on show
> throughout the weekend, as well as singers, live bands, a
> fun-fair, charity stalls, dancing troops and a host of other
> things to entertain the whole family. 
> Racing will start at 10am on both days and with more rowing
> teams than ever, the programme will see a race starting
> about every 30 minutes.  -Brian in Atlanta
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