Summer calm....

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Wed Jul 29 16:29:56 UTC 2009

Wow, it's quiet in here.
Summer time...
No Tour...

Has anyone seen the new who-edition converse sneakers?
Just happened to get a pair of the "Who Flag" (Union Jack sneaker with "The Who Roundel" on the top of the tongue) for my birthday.
Pretty sweet!
Hmmmm, me wonders who else might have indulged or received some as a gift????

Anyone know the ware bouts of Pete?
Likely on his yacht somewhere off the coast of France.
I hope he's doing some water-inspired writing out there.
Getting psyched myself for a week of cruising Lake Champlain next week.
Thinking of bringing my guitar.....and/or digery-do.  It's a great sound at night anchored with other boats around.
Sets an eerie stage.

I did a bit of dusting and took out the trash (was pretty smelly).
I'll leave the door unlocked.
Anyone know who the dude is passed-out on the couch?

Thanks to Brian C. for keeping us plugged in!

Peace all,

Kevin in VT
"Healthcare is a Human Right"

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