Honesty really rocks

Benn Kempster whoboy at fsmail.net
Thu Jan 29 17:11:10 UTC 2009

And, for me, the band looks really tired.  They're STILL stuck with playing Tommy (as much as I love it) and trying their hardest to inject new material and move on.
I've also never really liked the muddy and distorted sound of Pete's guitar at this show as opposed to the cracking clear and distorted sound at almost every other show that exists from this period.  Sounds to me as if he's playing from behind a curtain.

mbailey at netsoltek.co.uk writes:

> So why wasn't this on more people's lists? Was this an oversight? Or do 
> people really not like this concert? 
> Are you not Who fans? ;-)

it's good but the editing job is horrible at times. 

"This is a fucking rock and roll concert not a fucking tea party - RIGHT!" - PT - 10.12.1971

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